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A shared passion for

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Care is at the centre of our passion

Our understanding developed over many years, is centred on individual needs and investment in the relationships we build with family and friends. At Coxwell, we ARE your family. We know that creating an accessible welcoming community founded on knowledge, understanding and innovation, delivers an environment that is conducive for not just residents to find positivity, empathy and exceptional levels of care, we offer reassurance and comfort to you too.

Coxwell is not just about residential care, it is a place that we all share and welcome as home. Residents are encouraged to be active and do what they want to do when they want, no day is prescriptive, a happy, relaxed home is our core passion.

Living with us

At Coxwell Hall we take admissions from a range of situations, which include placement breakdowns (which might originate in their own home or other care environment). We have the skills to support individuals with behaviours that challenge, who may need close management of complex dementia and mental health needs.

Pre admission assessments take place in advance of admission, working closely with local authorities and families to ensure that there is an understanding of where a person will best fit, our teams are very much included in this process to aid as smooth a transition as possible should the placement be made.

Specialist dementia care

Our high-level staffing ratio, is led by Registered Nurses (RGN & RMN) supported by highly trained skilled practitioners giving specialist care around the clock. Staff are trained to offer a supportive non-confrontational, calm approach that manages behaviours, delivering a consistent approach to the needs of each individual, that helps to prevent anxiety.

Where challenging behaviour may impact, our response to a situation be it an internal or external anxiety is to utilise our skills to reduce distress through appropriate diagnosis of conditions, and an understanding of resolving situations that may create disorientation or frustration for individuals. We always seek to manage the underlying cause of a problem, rather than simply dealing with the response.

Each resident will have a bespoke programme created to make every resident living with dementia at Coxwell feel safe and secure. Working closely with doctors, our practitioners will often review medications and reduce levels in order to make every resident feel at ease, maintaining dignity and self-esteem.

Respite – helping you live with dementia

In situations where families are looking after their loved ones at home, Coxwell can provide respite to support circumstances where a break is much needed, giving loved ones a rest, especially if they are caring for an elderly partner.

The process can also encourage confidence in transitioning to Coxwell on a longer term basis, knowing how the system works for both parties can be an immense relief.

Your peace of mind

Our care extends to you – We understand how hard a move away from the family network can be, regardless of whether you are a family working out your needs together or for those that are in crisis and don’t know where to turn for specialist care, we are here to support you.

We are here to sustain the needs of every family or individual who comes to us, we work together, through sensitive collaboration that helps us gain an understanding of unique needs. From an initial assessment and evaluation, to maintaining a continued dialogue we work together so there is continued understanding and support as care needs change over time.

It is important for us to obtain feedback from residents, their families or representatives about the care they are receiving and ensuring each bespoke care plan is leveraged to the highest standard.


Our Care Team

We offer a wealth of specialised resources to support individuals who are living with dementia our skilled practitioners include, State Registered General Nurses and Registered Mental Nursing staff who are on site 24/7 throughout the week, supported by a highly trained and care qualified team of both male and female carers.

Our specialist training of all the care team ensures that residents get the level of quality care they require to support people with dementia to live their lives to the fullest and encourage ideas to improve quality of life.
We take pride in our practice and commitment to ongoing qualification of staff


Residents have the services of two excellent local GPs, who have been visiting Coxwell Hall for many years, providing specialised care services. Local residents, are welcome to retain the services of their own local GP if they wish to do so.

Under the supervision of our nursing staff, if referred, residents also benefit from visits from qualified practitioners offering services such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, audiology and chiropody. Trusted and known dental and optical care practitioners also visit the home on a regular basis.

A community mental health team liaison also works closely with us.

Zippy Magana
Zippy Magana

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Sarah Ledbury

My name is Sarah Ledbury. I have worked at Coxwell Hall of Faringdon for 10+ years now. View my profile

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Wilson S Isip

I have been working as a chef since the late 80’s a role that has seen me work in places from Saudi Arabia to Paris and then find my special place at Coxwell Hall in 2005. View my profile

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Everyone's needs are different. We understand this, which is why we always recommend an initial discussion to ensure we are best suited to provide for the needs of your relative or friend.

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