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A shared passion for

supporting your needs

Happiness and wellbeing is at the heart of our passion

With many years of expertise in dementia care, we are able to provide the understanding, expertise, and empathy needed to help our residents live life well, following the person centred relationships that shape the life-enhancing support we provide.

Practitioners providing dementia support receive a training programme that drives a comprehensive understanding of dementia and distress behaviours. The comfort, health, awareness, and wellbeing, of our residents is at the heart of all we offer.

Our approach also takes in an understanding of many non-medical factors, absorbing key details from past experiences and family relationships to precious home memories and more.

Facilities and innovation

We are more than just a home; this is our home, with facilities that boost community engagement, sensitively developed to take in the needs of our residents. Our spacious accommodation encourages residents to maintain as much independence as they are able, offering a wealth of choice, and a change of scenery as and when the mood dictates. Our innovations are designed to encourage residents to maintain interests and try new things; from getting out and about planting bulbs for spring, to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we always keeping things stimulating. State of the art technology also plays its part here, from games and music to sensory experiences the tools we use make life interesting and uplifting.

Facilities and innovation

Our experience in dementia means we work closely with our interior designers keeping our residents needs at the heart of our designs.

There are many communal areas around Coxwell, lounges and dining rooms in both Coxwell Hall and the Mews, see residents freely choosing their spot to participate in activities and enjoy meals together with our staff, we encourage a community feel, boosting engagement and promote a fun but practical, safe environment.

Being able to move around is very much on the agenda, residents are free to roam and find the space they feel most comfortable in at any time.

Ease of access around the home has been taken into account with wide corridors, doorways and wheelchair friendly access. A lift gives access to all floors

Specialist Features

We offer advanced technological solutions to enhance engagement, which includes a fully equipped sensory room, that provides gentle relaxation and stimulation for our residents.

Mobile Light tables, are available to stimulate or provide comfort and recreation in and around the home.

Myo, a specialist, secure, social media platform is also available to share with family friends. This system keeps communication channels between family and residents open through video calls, builds picture library’s and ensures we can all enjoy those special moments.

Resident Accommodation

Each room has a memory box just outside, working as a sign post but also a reminder of things that a resident may cherish. Inside residents enjoy a spacious welcoming comfortable bedroom, set up to minimise concerns for safety and reducing anxiety. A home from home setting, where residents own furniture can bespoke rooms to create a known environment.

State of the art beds are supplied to encourage a good night’s sleep and support issues with movement or other medical needs.

For peace of mind, nurse call systems are installed in every room (both residents’ rooms and communal areas), ensuring that a member of staff is available to provide assistance whenever required, day or night.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Coxwell Hall is surrounded by secluded secure gardens, where residents are actively encouraged to both relax or partake in gardening activities, areas of planting are designed to aid sensory orientation, a place where residents can enjoy the benefits that the outdoors can bring and also find a peaceful place to share with family and friends.

Our buildings and grounds are maintained with an in house team who are not only responsible for upkeep but as an extension of our family also engage with residents who enjoy the benefits of gardening and other outdoor activities.

A passion for living life well

Coxwell Hall is a vibrant home where we share our positivity and above all our capacity to care. The wellbeing of our residents is at the heart of all we do. From understanding our residents’ individual requirements to building strong supportive relationships with both them and their families. Time here is driven by what our residents want to do, when they want to do it, with lots of activities to choose throughout each day. A salon is also available to ensure residents feel and look their best. Our passion for good food is shared by all, when we join together at mealtimes to enjoy our chef’s latest tempting dish, or get out and about with a trip to the local pub or coffee shop.

Every little detail counts

Learning from the outset about individual details, likes, dislikes, and passions is vital enabling our care team, to build a strong, supportive relationship with every individual.

This background is essential to delivering bespoke, high-quality care. It also gives us insights to plan the type of activities that will make life interesting and pleasurable.

We learn how best to interact, where communication levels have broken down, finding ways to support and understand needs to ensure everything is in place to keep our residents feeling happy, safe and secure, this is one of the primary reasons staff at Coxwell don’t wear uniform, it takes away any authoritative pressures and keeps us integrated and approachable.


There is always something to do at Coxwell Hall, as a community we encourage residents to keep active and do as much as they can for themselves.

Enrichment through social events and a comprehensive array of planned activities, is available for all residents if they wish to participate, and our programs are founded on knowledge of information shared.

TV facilities are set up for communal enjoyment, and we often enjoy a cinema night at home. Music is also very important to us and something you will always find at Coxwell.

Feeling well, looking better

We know wellbeing is not just about how we feel inside, our hair salon is open to residents every other week with a hairdresser (who is also a qualified nurse practitioner) visiting to make residents feel and look their best.

We also have a Nail and Foot spa in operation to ensure the finer details are looked after too.

Getting out and about

The Coxwell Hall mini bus is available for both residents and relatives to enjoy excursions away from home.

We encourage residents to enjoy outings into the local community accompanied by team members. Regular shopping visits or trips to garden centres are much enjoyed, as are frequent outings to a local pub. Popular trips out to take in the local countryside or go fishing take us a little further afield.

Eating well – our passion for food

Our catering team are a welcome part of day to day living here at Coxwell and they communicate with both residents and the nursing team to adapt menus to likes and dislikes, ensuring individual dietary requirements are tailored to each resident.

Seasonal menus reflect availability of produce and our resident’s needs.

Our food is prepared using local quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet for all our residents. Our team of professionally trained chefs understand how healthy, appetising food with good nutrition and hydration is essential to the physical and mental well-being of our residents.

Food matters to us as much as our residents so there are lots of tasting sessions so we know we are always on track with what our residents enjoy.

We also ensure the home from home ethos is maintained, our chefs regularly are found baking with residents and we all enjoy those outcomes! Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day and night as required.


There are no restrictions on visiting times and we do not limit numbers of visitors so families can come together (Unless friends and relatives have been informed of circumstances that may prevent this).

Facilities are not always available for visitors to stay overnight however there are plenty of places to stay locally if families and friends are planning a longer visit.

There are cosy private areas that have been specifically set up for residents to enjoy a cup of tea, and spend time with their visitors, (they can also invite them to their room).

Visitors are also able to visit during meal times and join their relatives or friends for a meal. Relatives are also very welcome to join residents in activities and events. We also welcome well behaved family pets when visiting

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Everyone's needs are different. We understand this, which is why we always recommend an initial discussion to ensure we are best suited to provide for the needs of your relative or friend.

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