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Ukuleles tune into Coxwell

The U3A ‘Uke Group’ Or Accessible Ukuleles as they are more formally known visited us in February to entertain our residents with their Ukuleles playing a mix of music to meet all tastes.

The U3A (University of the 3rd Age as it used to be known) UKE Group are all retirees, led by Jenny Braithwaite and meet in Faringdon on Tuesdays encouraging all levels of participation from beginners’ workshops to well accomplished players.

Our event was an absolute hit with residents, with some singing along to golden oldies such as How Much is that Doggie, Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Swinging the Blues and You are my Sunshine, which was very apt as the sun shone in on them playing. The band made merry and put a smile on all our faces, it was a very cheerful occasion, we very much hope they will come back soon.