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Bianca Paylo

Healthcare Assistant

I have always enjoyed working with people from starting at Nandos, and Travelodge to starting my career in care at a residential care home in Bath where I was a HCA for three years, I started here in 2022.

I love my role as I really enjoy talking, especially when its about the lives of our residents, its so good to hear about their past, especially when they were younger and their families, jobs and the things they got up to. It helps me to help them with their needs.

Coxwell Hall is a happy place – it’s a second home. When I’m not here, then I love spending time with family and friends in Bath and Faringdon. I go from one pace to another binge watching the TV or time in the gym! I also love to eat out. I also play the Ukulele so I think its great when the local group come in for the residents.