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An Animal Encounter at Coxwell Hall

Our residents enjoyed an afternoon meeting some very fascinating creatures on Friday 16 December. Zoo Labs ranger Hannah Richards really pumped up the festive spirit when she arrived dressed as an elf with her boxes of creatures that were certainly a gift for us all to enjoy.

Residents met a variety of Hannah’s unusual friends, Philip the Giant Snail was a great hit and happily sat in the cradled hands of our residents as did Millie the Millipede, who was it seems was quite a tickler.  A Corn Snake took us all by surprise, it transpired that some of our residents had handled a snake before! A very friendly snake, many of the residents loved his cool, silky skin to touch. Less popular with the ladies (but not all) was a very large spider.

The favourite of the day had to be possibly the biggest Guineapig we had ever seen; Archie, he was delighted to sit in the lap of everyone and seemed to thoroughly enjoy all the attention he received.Rachel a Zoologist was brilliant at encouraging everyone to join in, learn about the creatures they were meeting and handle them.

It was a great experience for us all and interesting to hear some of our residents past encounters. We all look forward to meeting Rachael again at Coxwell Hall soon.